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Remember the competitions offered have a strong emphasis on fitness and fun, whilst providing social leagues with a competitive edge. Rules exist in order to keep the game fair and in control, hence they are to be adhered to very closely.

Team spectators wishing to support their team must act in a civil manner at all times. They must not interfere or be distracting towards referees/officials and or players. Persons offending will be asked to vacate the venue. Any inappropriate behavior or swearing will NOT be tolerated whatsoever.

If a player(s) wishes to spoil it for the rest of their team and are found guilty of misconduct, the penalties will be harsher than expected. We suggest if players and their fellow spectators cannot abide by the Rules and By-Laws of the game, they should not play or attend matches at all.

We expect everyone to play the game in a sportsmanlike manner and to ensure that each of you emphasize enjoyment whilst participating. If you have anything to say constructively about improving the competition, we would be more than happy to listen.

Player Agreement: Please note that it is the captains responsibility to notify us if your team cannot make a scheduled game time. Maximum points will be deducted should a team forfeit and a forfeit fee (game fee) will be charged. It is also the captains responsibility to chase up outstanding fees.

As captain of the above nominated team, please make yourself aware of our Centre Policies which are listed on the board.

No liability whatsoever will be accepted for injuries caused to yourself or by you to another person or persons whilst participating in any sports at this Centre.